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Chairman’s Message

Dr. Harish Mirchandani - Chairman

Dear Friends
Warm Greetings from Sadhu Vaswani International School.

It gives me immense pleasure to commute with you all through the Almanac of our School.

“Life is more important than livelihood”. This is what the little ones should be taught. Their tender brains are a fertile soil for the seeds of Love, Compassion, Character, Tolerance and Brotherhood to be sown. We are busy in educating our youth how to get fat salaries, higher chairs in the organizations but Alas! Very few are bothered in shaping the youth to become true human beings.

Modern education has sharpened the minds and brains of the children but blunted their hearts. It has made them competitive in nature and everyone is in a race to overtake the other by fair and even by unfair means. Sadhu Vaswani believed, “New India will not be made in the Rajya Sabha or Lok sabha but in the Schools and Colleges”.

All educational intituitions should aim to become industries which generate “HUMANS”, not merely human beings with certificates and degrees.

Thank You
Dr. Mr. Harish Mirchandani