Our Events

December 2023

Career Orientation & Soft Skills
A “Career Orientation & Soft Skills” program for Grades 9 & 10 was conducted by PAGE Institute on 8 December 2023 (Friday) at SVIS.
Mr. Siva Prasad, the speaker for the session…
Heritage and Tourism Club
Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Medchal, a spiritual marvel unfolds – a faithful recreation of the sacred Badrinath temple. This replica, a homage to the revered shrine, stands as a testament to a deep reverence for the spiritual legacy of North India.
Workshop on Decoding NCF
Ms. Aditi and Ms. Divya Bodhijani from the English department attended a workshop on Decoding NCF and implementation in English classrooms.This workshop was very informative, extremely stimulating, and interesting.
Regional meet – Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
Sadhu Vaswani International School as an ATL linked school of Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, was invited to participate in the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) Regional meet held in their campus to showcase our students’ projects.
Vijay Diwas
Our flag does not fly because the wind moves, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.
Fifty-two years ago, on 16 December, 1971, the Indian Armed Forces achieved a major victory against the Pakistan Army.
Annual Day – Aa Ab Laut Chalen – Slot 1
Courage is not just about bravely facing one’s fears, but
also having the compassion and empathy to understand and embrace
diverse cultures and the character to act with kindness and respect towards all.
Annual Day – “Retro to Metro” – Slot 3
The much-anticipated Annual Day celebration of Sadhu Vaswani International School unfolded on December 6, 2023, transforming the KVR Convention into a kaleidoscope of colours and rhythms.
Annual Day – ” Grandma Tales” – Slot 2
Sadhu Vaswani International School, Hyderabad celebrated its Annual Day on 6 December 2023 at KVR convention centre for the students of Grades 1 and 2 on the captivating theme of Grandma Tales..
The students of Sr. Cultural Club under the mentorship of their in-charges K. Shriyah Chary and Birijesh Kumari organized a special assembly of VEER BAL DIWAS
” Brainfeed Trailblazer Schools 2023 Award”
We are thrilled to announce that Sadhu Vaswani International school Hyderabad has been honored with the prestigious ” Brainfeed Trailblazer Schools 2023 Award”!
Pink Color Day
Our little blossoms bloomed in the aesthetic appeal of the color Pink as they joyously celebrated Pink Color Day. The color pink denotes love, beauty and kindness. 
Lipika Bojja’s Book
We are pleased to announce that Lipika Bojja, our budding author from Grade VII published her book ‘A Journey to the Stars’ – A guide to self discovery and growth.
Christmas Carnival’ at Thara Orphanage
Share your happiness and you will multiply it. Keeping in mind the value of sharing, the students of event management club of sadhu vaswani international school Hyderabad organised ‘Christmas Carnival’ for the children of Thara Orphanage.
National Mathematics Day
Mathematics is the sharpener for the brain. Use it to always stay smart and ahead. The only thing that you cannot ever ignore is the fact that the world is filled with number.
Christmas Special Assembly
Today students of Grade III and Pre-Primary representing Mahatma Gandhi House conducted a special Christmas assembly to embrace the spirit of love, sharing, caring and togetherness.