Our Events

February -2024

Session About Cyberbullying
As we navigate the digital landscape, it is crucial to address the issue of cyberbullying, a growing concern that affects many adolescents today.
Skating Awards & Medals
We are happy to announce that our students won laurels at the INTER School Football Skating LEAGUE Season-1 (2024), which was organised by Football Skating Association of Telangana State on 28th January 2024.
“A winner is a Dreamer who never Gives up.”
The ability to make friends with numbers is a crucial skill that is vital for academic and career success.
Multicolor Day celebration
A jubilant Multicolor Day celebration coupled with Saraswati Pooja, embracing colors, creativity, and reverence in equal measure was celebrated at the Pre-Primary level of SVIS-HYD.
Thanks Giving Week – Day 1
‘Let us thank God for suffering, it teaches us courage, let us thank God for disappointments for it reminds us of our appointment with him’ – Dada J P Vaswani.
Thanks giving Week Day 2
‘Stop complaining and start thanking’
If we list out things we are grateful for the list will be endless. Students of grade 3 and 4 have made the attempt to list out things from A to Z that they are grateful for.
Thanks Giving Week – Day 3
Grade 5 and 6 students wrote gratitude message on stones and painted it. One stone is definitely not enough for them to write about things they are grateful for because they believe in thankfulness and not complains
Education Excellence Conclave Award
It brings us immense pleasure to announce that our Principal – Ms. G. Arpitha was conferred with the Top 100 Principals Award for her committed efforts and innovative approach to groom young learners with skill for life.
Thanks Giving Week – Day 4
Grade 7 and 8 showed their creativity and attitude of gratitude by doing a mindful activity which was art based. They were asked to first recall all the situations and people for whom they have complains or they are not happy with.
Thanks Giving Week – Day 5
Shukrana aye khuda, har pal Tera shukrana.
The serene sanctuary of the school was filled with the air of spirituality and thankfulness with vibrations of melodious bhajans
Kindergarten Graduation Day
A momentous day in the lives of our little darlings- our very own Kindergarten Graduation Day. It was a very special and cheerful day to see our tiny tots graduate from pre primary to primary group.