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The following are the instructions for the parents of PLAYGROUP children `

Minimum age for entry/admission into playgroup is 2 years completion by 31st March of the upcoming academic year. (We encourage parents to admit their ward in the playgroup, as it is the best way of preparing the child for regular school from Nursery.)
Timings for Playgroup – 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Separate transport is provided with a well-trained driver and an ayah to take care of the children. Pick up and drop from and to your doorstep is provided for playgroup children.
We do not have any regular school uniform for our Playgroup children, they should come in comfortable clothes.
Every child should be sent with a bag, containing a water bottle, an extra pair of clothes and undergarments and the school almanac.
Parents should fill the page no. 1 in duplicate in the almanac and should check the almanac every day.
Any change in the phone number or the address or change of transport should be intimated immediately to the office with a written application.
Parents should inform the authorities about any food allergies during the time of admission or in due course. If the child is on medication, for any reason, it should be brought to the notice of the concerned authorities. Any special care/sickness should be duly intimated to the office authorities.
In case of any contagious diseases, the quarantine period is 15 days.
In case the child is not toilet trained, he/she should come in diapers with an extra diaper in the bag.
Parents should inform the driver if the child is not attending school so that the driver need not wait.