Our Events

June 2024

*6th National Federation Cup 2024*
*Organised by the Bandy Association of India*

Felicitation Ceremony
Celebrating Our Roots, Honouring Our Mentors!
SVIS, Hyderabad started its journey in 2008, with a vision to provide quality education and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

CBSE – financial literacy workshop
A CBSE based financial literacy workshop was held in the school premises which aimed to equip educators with essential financial knowledge and budgeting skills. The workshop covered critical financial topics such as saving and investing our finances.

Simplifying Health
The “Simplifying Health” session was highly informative and empowering. Anshul Augnivansh and Kinshuk Sharma, renowned lifestyle coaches, held an enlightening session aimed at demystifying the complex aspects of health and wellness.

World Environment Day
“Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.”
Sadhu Vaswani International School celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June 2024 to encourage awareness and initiate action to protect the environment.
Eid-Ul -ADHA
Bakrid, celebrated with diverse customs worldwide, transcends rituals to impart timeless virtues of sacrifice, generosity, and compassion. It symbolizes Muslims coming together in acts of kindness and support for those in need.
Art of Living
A special 3 days workshop on the Art of Living from 5th June to 7th June 2024 took place with great enthusiasm and participation in the SVIS premises. The session aimed to provide valuable insights and practical techniques to help SVIS family members manage stress and enhance their overall well-being.
P. Naidile’s achievement
It gives us immense pleasure and pride to share that our student P. Naidile of Grade 10 H has made it to the Top 5 of the contest Mobility in 2050 conducted by Times of India newspaper group at the national level.
We congratulate the child and her proud parents for the wonderful achievement.
Father’s Day
“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” ~ Wade Boggs
A father is someone each one of us looks upto, no matter how tall we grow. On the occasion of Father’s Day, our tiny tots expressed their love for their fathers with a wonderful showcase of creativity through face painting and a twinning activity.