Our Events

March 2024

An orientation programme for the parents of the pre-primary students who are newly admitted in the school was conducted today. The orientation session was graced by our Chairman-Dr. Harish Mirchandani who welcomed the new parents to our school.

Mahashivratri – Spl Assembly
Sadhu Vaswani International School, Hyderabad celebrated the spiritual festival of Mahashivratri in the school premises with a Special Assembly by Mahatma Gandhi House.

Best Out of Waste Competition
Harnessing creativity while instilling environmental consciousness,
The “Best out of Waste” competition serves as a platform for our students to showcase their ingenuity while promoting environmental stewardship. By engaging in this creative endeavor

Holi Special Assembly
Enveloped in a tapestry of colors and culture, our students gathered to celebrate Holi in a spirited special assembly. The festivities unfolded with an inspiring thought, igniting our anticipation for the vibrant assembly ahead.

We are elated to announce that our school has been conferred with the award for India’s TOP Visionary School 2023 by HCLJIGSAW 4.0 – India’s Biggest Problem Solving Competition.

Good Friday Special Assembly
The school assembly on Good Friday by Mira Bai house was a time of solemn reflection and understanding of the significance of this Christian observance.

Interact Club and Events Management Club
Farewell may seem like an end but is a cherished memory as goodbyes are not forever and they are not the end. It is a mere transitional phase to a new start.