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School with a Difference

A conscientious effort is made to inculcate in the child love and care for trees, animals, fruits and flowers.The comprehensive activity schedule entails learning of reading, writing and number skills in an interesting manner; both inside and outside the classroom; leveraging the best teachers with what they have to offer, as well as technology (what computers and the latest educational software has to offer).

For an all-round development in the child’s personality, besides imparting education of the highest quality, the school provides a holistic education through training of the head, heart and the hand, providing your loved ones ample opportunity to engage in a wide range of learning activities for self growth. The thrust is to inculcate a positive approach towards life, perseverance, a spirit of cooperation, coordination and sportsmanship.

A spectrum of activities is offered to cater to the palate of the young minds,that include drawing, painting, colouring, clay-work, craft, origami, papier-mâché, games, races, hurdles, sports, physical training, yoga, karate, music, elocution, dancing, dramatization, story-reading, nature ramble, and pet-care.