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The Sanctuary

SVIS, Hyderabad is a school with a difference. The atmosphere enables students to inculcate reverence for humanity. A sanctuary is an important and integral part of the schools run under the banner of Sadhu Vaswani Mission. Sanctuary to SVIS is what a flame is to the moth, the sun to the sunflower and a breath of fresh air to a drowning man.

The sanctuary is the first session in school everyday. All the students of the school gather together and offer non sectarian, universal prayers to the almighty. They sing prayers that revere the universal and fundamental aspects in every religion. Everyday some enlightening talk is given to the children

The topics chosen for such talks are graded according to the level of the students. Talks on simple values like truth and honesty, anger and contentment, service and prayer right up to complex ideas like the universal form of God, duality and non- duality, knower and the known, the laws of nature, the law of Karma are touched upon.

Pictures of great philosophers from East and West and illustrated posters giving noble thoughts of great ones adorn the walls of the school and thus great values and ideals surround the students, which have a positive effect during their growing period.

“Simple living and high thinking should be the driving force for every student.” This is what is emphasized at SVIS.” The sanctuary therefore, is what makes SVIS unique.